Leo’s day


Saturday 1st March

Today we went to the park with Fraser,mummy,daddy,nanny, Grampy, ELiza, cousin Florence and auntie Sharon. First we played in the park for 5 minutes then we played football. Next we went to a cafe for a drink. After that we played a game called wave to the people. Our score was 15-2. We won .Then we left on the way back we played racing and I won.




Saterday by Lucy

Today we went to oasis swindon

swimming pool it was awesome!

we went in the wave pool it was fun

we went down super fast slides

and are colour was red

we also had dinner there and I had  spaghetti bolognese

For miss Ryan by Lucy

dear miss Ryan

in the holidays me and my family went to the cinema after that we went to Toby,s carvery it was yummy ! Then we went home. The next day we went to the park I went on everything it was fun!  Also we went swimming with my dad and my sister I had such a fun weekend













Chdear miss Ryan




My holiday by Alfred

In the holidays I have done lots of things. First, we went to the Isle of Wight and saw our Granny. My brother Laurie read to her. We went to 2 beaches and1 sort of beach. It was high tide and there was hardly any beach! We came back on Monday.

On Tuesday, we went to an aeroplane museum called the Fleet Air Arm museum and read in the aeroplanes. They were having a pirate half term.

On Thursday, we went swimming and then we went to our next door neighbour’s house for lunch. We had beans on toast for lunch.

We also went to Blaise Castle with some of our friends and got very muddy!

On Saturday we went to Weston-super-Mare and played on some big bumps on the beach. We went to a café and had a huge knickerbocker glory!  We went back to the big bumps and I dug a hole as deep as my arm!

my mum by Anna

my mum is kind and caring although she can be daring.She is so fun and she’s not the only one.she is a little crazy but she is amazing.  she is my mum and she is number one.

by Anna